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Time Shift is a state that a power holder goes into to use the Chrono-Absorption ability. In the early stages of use, the power holder will have very little control over the themselves while in Time Shift and will simply absorb as much energy as possible. Time Shift can be identified by intense feelings of energy pulsing outwards from an individual, pupil eyes that glow with a certain colour and a mysterious hue that is the same colour as the eyes. While in Time Shift an individual may levitate after a certain marker of energy has been absorbed and people seem unable to approach the individual who seems to emit an invisible barrier. Once greater control has been achieved the individual will no longer emit a barrier and will retain a conscious mind. Though there is no specific limit as to how much energy a power holder can absorb, once they revert back into their normal form any energy stored past their normal limitations causes mass discomfort and nausea and is usually released in a giant pulse which can cause massive damage in the surrounding area. It has also been demonstrated that certain individuals also display other powers while in Time Shift such as, Phasing, Flash Form and Telepathy.

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Time Shift is a state that lets the user temporarily exist outside of time and be able to control it, thus using the Chrono-Absorption ability. A certain individual may display other powers while in Time Shift, but the number of powers cannot be increased and are unique to each individual.

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See Chrono-Absorption