Activity: Controlled
Levels: 8, X
Allignment: none
Fiction: Existing

Description Edit

Telepathy is the ability to mentally access another beings mind over a distance. It requires some concentration and can be prevented with loud or high frequency sounds, bright lights and injuries. If two people use telepathy on eachother to hear the other's thoughts then both will get an extreme headache.

Levels Edit

Note: You may interchange 'hear' with 'see'.

Level 1 Edit

The user accidently hears other peoples thoughts sometimes. With immense concentration the user can actively hear weak minded people's thoughts and send them thoughts. This range is within about 35 metres.

Level 2 Edit

The user no longer accidently hears other people's thoughts. The user can actively hear weak minded people's thoughts with less concentraion.

Level 3 Edit

The user can activley hear average minded people's thoughts. With immense contration the user can make an average minded person hallucinate. They can also scan a person's memories.

Level 4 Edit

Using telepathy requires less concentration.

Level 5 Edit

The user can take full control of another person's body, as long as they are weak minded.

Level 6 Edit

The user can do the above, but with people of higher mental strength.

Level 7 Edit

The user can fully control up to three people.

Level 8 Edit

The user's range is dramatically increased (100 metres)

Level X Edit

The user can hear the thoughts, send thoughts, scan the memories, induce hallucinations and fully control the minds of everyone within 4 kilometres.

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Charles Xaiver- Xmen

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