Power pictue

power name

Activity: Continuous, Trigger, Controlled?
Levels: number of times the power can be strengthened
Allignment: Good, Evil, None

Fiction: Existing, Fan-fiction.

Elementary: Scientific, Mysterious
Type: Biological, Elemental


Description This is a page used that should be used as a guide to creating a page on powers.


Level 1

level 1 description. This tells people how powerfull, and to what extent the powers can be used after discovery.

Level 2

level 2 desrcription. How powerfull powers are after some training.

Level 3

level 3 description. How powerfull after continued training.

Level 4, etc.

level 4 descrption. Continue adding levels until it is ALMOST maxed out.


Powers after being warped by an Evil user

Level X

What powers can do after being maxed out to the maximum level.


If the power can be explained on a biological level then give this explanation here.

Examples of use

Examples of this powers use.



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