Power Rage
Activity: Trigger, Continuous
Levels: E, X
Allignment: Evil
Fiction: Fan-Fiction
Elementary: Scientific
Type: Biological

Description Edit

When the Power holder's anger reaches a certain point, they go into an uncontrollable rage. In this rage they are permenantly given a new power, their behaviour becomes extremly aggresive, they are temporarily granted impenetrable skin, and all their current powers are elevated to level X.

Levels Edit

E-Level Edit

The user can go into a 'power rage' whenever they want, though they are not granted a new power.

Level-X Edit

When the user reaches a certain anger point, a Power Rage is activated. During a Power Rage the following happens:

  • The user is permenantly granted 1 random power per Power Rage
  • the user's behaviour becomes extremly aggresive
  • the user is granted impenetrable skin
  • All of the user's current powers are elevated to level X
  • The user's current powers have E-Level added.

Explanation Edit

A Hormone related to anger is mutated, and when its hormone count is past a certain point, the power holder goes into a kind of "super rage" (increased strength, super human durability, extreme aggressivness, enhanced powers). The new power gain could be attributed to the genetic reconstruction because of the damage thanks to the overload of the mutagenic hormone, though because the power gain is completely random, there is still much mystery surrounding this aspect of the power.

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