Energy Object Creation
Activity: Controlled
Levels: 3, E, X
Allignment: None
Fiction: Fan-Fiction
Elementary: Scientific
Type: Elemental

Description Edit

The power holder can create energy shields, weapons and other inannimate and animate objects. The energy objects would act exactly like their physical counter part. The colour of the energy is dependent on the user's personality and lifesyte (e.g. a user that spends their life on an island may have a lite blue energy, a user that strongly believs in the forces of good would have a bright yellow energy, etc). When creating energy animals the animals personality and traits would mirror that of the power holders. The user can also create blasts of energy direclty from the palms of their hands. Finally, the power holder can create a protective energy bubble around themsleves which deflects all hostile objects. 

Levels Edit

Level 1 Edit

The power holder can shoot very weak, slow moving energy blasts that dissappear after about half a meter.

Level 2 Edit

The power holder can shoot slightly stronger energy blasts that can travel about 50 metres. They can now create small objects like ants, small daggers, bricks, etc. and energy shields 30cm in diameter.

Level 3 Edit

The power holder can shoot strong energy bolts that can travel a few kilometres. They can also create medium-large objects like dogs rocket launchers, swords, etc. and spherical energy shields that surround the power holders entire body.

E-Level Edit

Evil power holders have a black energy, and can create Evil energy creatures, like chimera, zombies, etc. Though the ability to create creatures of nightmares is not restricted to E-Level, evil power holders' energy animals warp into nightmare creatures automatically.

Level-X Edit

Same as level 3 except the power holder can create any energy object up to the size of a small airplane.

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