The ability to psychically tap into another's emotions or physical feeling and channel it through oneself. May drive the user to madness if user is unfocused. Can be a curse for evil users for they can hardly control their own emotions. If focused correctly, user can achieve great power, or amplify the user's other power they may possess.

Level 1: User discovers ability by accident and usually doesn't figure it out the first several occurances. May start as acting out what someone nearby may be feeling, usually intense anger or love, or extreme pain. Beginners only channel at small levels due to lack of concentration and connection.

Level 2: After learning to control their empathy, the user can control the effects of being near strong emotions from people. Discipline and control is key before progressing further in strengthening this power.

Level 3: User can channel the emotions of other's easily, sometimes more than one person at a time, even animals or plants.

Level 4: User can control the emotions of others, which in turn alters their thoughts and actions. This level can either bring chaos or peace depending on the user.

Level 5: If user encounters another person with powers, the user can tap into their power and either use it themselves or bind their powers, but only lasts when near the other person and holding that psychic connection.

Level 6: At its peak, User can absorb another's powers and use at will. Can also permanently bind powers of others. User can use this power to change someone's heart entirely.