Aura Bonding
Levels: 5, X
Fiction: Fan-Fiction

Description Edit

Aura Bonding is an ability that requires massive amounts of willpower and correct knowledge to apply properly. When used correctly one can create temporary matter out of your own energy. This matter is temporary and depending on how strong your willpower and how great your mastery of this ability is, the matter will collapse back into energy after a certain amount of time. Temporary Matter will general collapse in the form of an explosion. Temporary Matter can be shaped into any material, but the more complex the chemical formula for a material is, the more energy is required (ie. an element is relatively easy to create). One must note that this process requires much more energy than any the human race can recreate. It is called Aura Bonding because the process produces a small flash of colour that varies with the few individuals that can use it. It requires mass amounts of sentient thought, which means that you have an incredibly clear idea of what you will form the Temporary Matter into. This ability is generally discovered by experimenting with psychic abilities.

Levels Edit

Level 1 Edit

The Power Holder will have accidentally formed a small object like a nail (or other single element objects) from intense mental concentration. The Power Holder will feel severely drained after use or faint. Objects will collapse after roughly 5 minutes.

Level 2 Edit

The Power Holder will have learned to form slightly larger objects and will not feel quite as drained but will find it hard to keep upright when using this ability. Around this level is when you need to to visualise what you want to create clearly. Objects will collapse after roughly 10 minutes

Level 3 Edit

The Power Holder will be able to form medium sized objects and will be able to move stand shakily after using this ability. Objects with a more complex chemical structure can be formed. Objects will collapse after roughly 20 minutes.

Level 4 Edit

Power Holder can can form more complex medium sized objects (ie. machines) and will feel moderately tired after using this ability. Objects will collapse after roughly 40 minutes.

Level 5 Edit

This is the highest level achieved by a sentient being, even though theoretically there are more levels. The Power Holder can form objects of a large size and can create several objects at once. Power Holder will feel dazed or disorientated after use.

Level X Edit

The power holder is able to create large objects with a very complex chemical structure and should feel little or no effect after using this ability. If any more difficult objects were created the user would use up all their life energy and die during the creation process.

Explanation Edit

It is very debatable on what causes Aura Bonding, but fact remains that only sentient beings with intense willpower can use this ability.