Apocalypse Strike
Activity: Controlled
Levels: 5, X
Allignment: Good
Fiction: Fan-fiction

Description Edit

Apocalypse strike is the ability to create a glowing, sparkling energy that breaks all bonds between particles, essentially turning them to dust. Only particles that makes direct contact with this energy loose their bond.

Levels Edit

Level 1 Edit

The user can make their pointer finger glow with a sparkling light.

Level 2 Edit

The user can make their hand glow with the sparkling energy.

Level 3 Edit

The user can, in addition to the previous level, make a beam of energy that is only a few centimeters in diameter. This beam can travel a few hundred meters.

Level 4 Edit

The user can make both if their hands glow.

Level 5 Edit

The user can make balls of sparkling energy, which travel only a few meters when launched.

Leve X Edit

With immense concetration, the user can form a massive energy ball (apocalyose ball). This energy ball is a few hundred meters in diameter. The amount of time it is charged changes the length it can travel. However, charging the apocalypse ball drains the user's energy.

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