Ability to know what information would help the situation according to someone elses knowledge- not mind reading or mind related connection- just feeling/ emotional reaction which solves issues and conflicts with out any former education on the matter at hand.

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I work in a position that requires alot of information- trouble shooting, when I come accross a difficult / almost impossible question, what do I do.............

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I stand up look at a formadable person who may specialise in that area regarding the Q and with out any contact with that person a revelation will come to me instantly and provide me with a sustainable and correct response to the question.

The answer usually involves explaining in detail procedures/ operation skematics that I previously had no knowledge to.

This is my way of learning what I know now and being in a sucessful position.

..... Could be that im just a great crap talker.. but how did i learn that skill, when I grew up alone, only experienced school and very popular still but choose to be alone. 23:59, March 31, 2010 (UTC)