Accidental Death Innduction
Activity: Controlled, Trigger
Levels: X, E
Allignment: Evil
Fiction: Existing, Fan-Fiction
Elementary: Mysterious
Type: Elemental

Description Edit

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Levels Edit

Level X Edit

The user can cause the death of someone by intensely thinking bad thoughts of them. This does not always succeed, however, and depending on the situation the target may only get injured. This power can activate automatically if the user is vulnerable, scared, or has lots of adrenaline in their body. See examples of use for how this works.

Level E Edit

Smae as sbove except the deaths caused by this ability are extremly goorey, and supernatural entities, such as the Grim Reaper, may appear and cause the death.

Examples of Use Edit

  • A power holder is cornered in an abandoned 10-story building at night. They are being hunted by a person with a dagger and are about to be stabbed. The power holders power activates and a section of roof falls on the person with a dagger and kills him.
  • A school boy with this power is being beaten up by a bully on the edge of the school oval near some trees. A the school boys power activates and a medium branch falls on the bullies leg and injures him.
  • An evil power holder is being hunted by a bounty hunter. The evil power holders power activates and a giant demonic golem appears in a mass of flames and eats the bounty hunter and then disappears again in another mass of flames.

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